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Technological Innovation Will Turn Landfill Waste into Renewable Energy

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 8 years ago

Renovare Fuels Ltd, a British firm, has jointly created a new technology which will convert gas from landfill into usable clean energy by transforming it into gasoline fuel and liquid diesel which will be compatible with all cars and motor vehicles.

The company hopes that the innovation will allow landfill managers to make use of the gas that is naturally formed from organic material composition - either to sell it on or transform it into usable fuel for their own collection vehicle fleets, potentially saving huge sums of money.

Matthew Stone, the Chairman of Renovare, said that that one of the UK's supporting pillars of waste strategy was to generate clean energy from landfill gas, with current landfill sites potentially poised to play a vital role in the country's production of green energy.

The company plans to work with a range of operators across the UK to sell the new technology and ensure that gas from landfill sites is being used to either power refuse vehicles or is being sold commercially for an income, and to power cars, lorries, planes and ships from products that would otherwise be released into the environment as greenhouse gases.

A fully operational pilot project is already in place, and the firm is now working to raise further investment funds through the EU's Enterprise Investment Scheme to construct a commercial-scale mobile unit that would deliver live demonstrations to the country's six primary landfill operators. Renovare then intends to develop a new and full-scale commercial facility.

If successful, a full-scale commercial facility could generate nearly 200 barrels of fuel from landfill gases daily and achieve revenues of over £12 million in two years' time. Interest in the technology has already been shown in Asia and the Middle East.