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Wind Power Leads the Way in the USA

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 8 years ago

Signs suggest that wind power is now beginning to really lead the way in the clean energy stakes in the USA. At the end of last month, the US, Canadian and Mexican governments released an unprecedented pledge, committing to hasten the transition away from damaging fossil fuels and implement a target of 50pc renewable power generation across the region by 2025. It's a hugely ambitious goal with less than 10 years to go.

However, what is likely to make it achievable is the pace of the green energy transformation that is already changing energy markets in a powerful and escalating way. Wind power is especially important here, and it already accounts for a whopping 77pc of American clean energy growth in the past ten years. Today it is providing around 5pc of the country's total energy needs and looks set to grow to 20pc by 2030.

The technology is forging ahead because its true costs have dropped by over 66pc in the past seven years. Already the cheapest source of green energy by a significant margin, its price is continuing to fall as domestic manufacturing and technology improvements give buyers a more competitive, less expensive and greener energy choice.

In 2015, the long-term certainty and lower costs of wind power made it the leading source of fresh power capacity in the USA, ahead of both clean energy technologies and fossil fuels, and with the market now gaining real traction, taxpayers are looking forward to energy bill reductions.

The AWEA goes one step further and believes that wind could provide an 80pc contribution to the country's future mix. By investing in a sustainable low-carbon economy, new jobs will be created - wind already provides over 88,000 skilled jobs in America, which is more than the coal industry.