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America Continues to Commit to Green Energy on a City Level

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 8 years ago

Boulder in Colorado has become the seventeenth American city to commit to running completely on green energy by 2030. It's an ambitious pledge that marks out how individual cities are forging ahead with the drive to tackle climate change at a regional level, joining big corporations in a bid to force governments to make the same degree of commitment.

The announcement was made by Suzanne Jones, Colorado's mayor, at an event which brought together various environmental bodies and groups to discuss plans to move to a more sustainable economy. 

The news comes as America begins to consider its climate change goals and remit more seriously. Boulder has committed to also hit an 80pc greenhouse gas reduction target by 2050. Ms Jones said in a speech to event attendees that it was becoming increasingly clear that Congress was failing to take necessary measures to meaningfully tackle climate change, forcing cities to join together and step up in its place. 

She added that Boulder hoped to act as an inspiring model for other Colorado cities to work together for a more sustainable state future based on clean, green energies.

Other cities that have already committed publicly to the 100pc renewables goal include Grand Rapids in Michigan, San Diego and San Francisco in California, Georgetown in Texas and more.

The Obama administration, working with the Environmental Protection Agency, signed up to the Clean Power Act last year, which plans to slash emissions by a quarter - to less than their 2005 levels - and to provide over one billion dollars of funding to firms that invest in clean energy technologies. However, the act was then paused by the Supreme Court after various energy industry groups and states opposed the moves.