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Morocco Signs Up to 100pc Renewable Energy

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

Morocco is the latest nation to commit to becoming 100pc 'green' in its renewable energy production. It has made its commitment as part of the COP22 group, which it hosts. It's a group of 48 countries that have all publicly committed to achieving a complete renewable energy transition and a total move away from damaging fossil fuels.

The countries are united in their vulnerability to climate change, and they are working together as the Climate Vulnerable Forum (CVF), which is also working to cease energy poverty for good, protect food and water security and ensure domestic energy security of supply through renewable means.

Representatives from each of the 48 governments met in Marrakesh earlier this year. Morocco will be working with the World Future Council to develop a green energy policy roadmap which will help them to move towards total usage of green energy.

The Moroccan government has already been making strides in boosting and liberalising the green energy sector on three fronts in order to meet its 100pc sustainability goal. It has been developing a diversified green energy portfolio of hydro, wind and solar and has created institutions which are supported by a legal framework to help deliver the energy transition. At the same time, it has reformed the subsidy framework for fossil fuels.

Morocco is already home to the world's biggest concentrated solar energy plant, the Noor Oorzazate, as well as Africa's largest wind project, the Tarfaya wind development. Now policy-makers, energy developers, investors and green energy experts are working together to progress a delivery strategy towards the aim of becoming 100pc driven by renewable energy and to ensure that capacity gains are supported by the right legal and regulatory framework as necessary and primed to become a commercial proposition.