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Renewable Power Is Already Cheaper Than Fossil Fuels in These Places

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

There are already six places in the world where polluting fossil fuels actually cost more than clean and green new energy technologies.

In Dallas, wind power is already being offered for free by one utility firm. TXU energy was producing so much green energy that it began to distribute it for free between nine and six. This move helped to raise broader awareness of the technology, and the giveaway helped to cut the costs of grid maintenance and power storage that otherwise might have resulted from power oversupply, so everyone was a winner.

In Denmark, the new 600MW Kriegers Flak is going to begin construction, and it will produce power cheaper than both natural gas and coal. It will have a connection grid with Germany, allowing both countries to share the green energy when required, preventing power shortages and reducing costs.

In Chile, there was a solar energy over-supply in the summer, and the country enjoyed 192 days of free green energy as a result. The country's citizens can't all yet benefit because of a lack of infrastructure and country-wide connectivity, but there is work happening to alleviate this problem.

Meanwhile, in Australia, Elon Musk's solar firm - Tesla - is seeing solar panels being installed on homes that can produce energy at a similar cost to that purchased through the grid. This means that homeowners won't see an increase in costs in the long term if they switch to solar.

In the USA, wind energy and solar power are already cheaper than fossil fuels, according to research by The New York Times. Thanks to subsidies, the tipping point occurred in 2014, and many think that the technologies could be cheaper still even without the government support.