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Scotland's Green Energy Expertise Is Now in Demand Across the World

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

Scotland has a known expertise in clean and green renewable energy, demonstrated in its testing sites, offshore and onshore wind capabilities and emerging wave and tidal resources. Now its expertise has been shown to be in high demand across the world, with Scottish green energy firms doing business in over 40 countries.

Research has found that these firms are engaged in activities as diverse as providing specialist wind farm equipment to South Africa, delivering consultancy to the Japanese government on sustainable energy strategy and supporting the World Bank with renewable energy projects in Chile.

The findings were published by Scottish Renewables, the trade body for the green energy industry. It discovered that businesses across Scotland were working on green energy projects in countries as diverse as Cape Verde, Russia, Taiwan and China, with over £125 million of value earmarked for the next five years.

A spokesman for the body said that the research showed how Scotland was in demand for its expertise in the field, with Scotland's own stretch targets meaning that its home-grown green energy industry had developed fast. The country's lead in wave and tidal and wind had encouraged other countries to speak to Scottish businesses for advice in how to do the same.

Areas in demand include engineering for energy projects, technical consultancy, planning support and environmental strategy.

The European Marine Energy Centre in Orkney is helping the Japanese government to build a similar wave and tidal development in Nagasaki. Windhoist, based in North Ayrshire, has helped to install nearly 5,000 wind turbines across the world.

The low-carbon industry and its supporting supply-chain businesses provided nearly £11 billion of revenue in 2014 and helped to create or sustain 43,5000 jobs, according to the ONS.