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Clean Energy Jobs Soar in America's Jobs Market

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

A new report suggests that green energy is the place to look for a job in America, with wind turbine technicians now the profession experiencing the highest growth. The growth shows how the clean energy sector is gaining increasing prominence in the USA - at least, until the point where Trump has been sworn in as president.

The Climate Corps programme, part of the Environmental Defense Fund, carried out research that showed how the sustainability and clean power industry now has more than four million jobs - an increase of 0.6 million since 2011.

The figures show that wind and solar are growing twelve time as quickly as the wider American economy, with 46pc of large companies taking on extra staff to manage the evolving issues of sustainability.

The gains are even more fascinating in the context of Trump's stance on power policies. He has spoken regularly of removing clean energy regulations and re-growing the use of fossil fuels as way to bring greater employment to America.

The US Department of Energy has produced figures that show how the solar industry is now responsible for employing more workers than all of the fossil fuel industries combined. 

Interestingly, research by EDF shows that, of the 2.2m million American workers in energy-efficiency roles, over 70pc are employed by small companies with ten or fewer staff. This may be because these jobs are trickier to outsource.

The trend is largely because of the lowering prices of solar and wind - along with tax credits and federal subsidies. The cost of solar PV production dropped by an incredible 72pc between 2010 and 2015, greatly increasing its competitiveness.

Regulatory changes aside, market forces look set to continue the shift to renewables.