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New Record for British Renewable Energy Set on Christmas Day

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

The latest energy-generation figures produced by Drax, the UK's biggest power plant, show that Christmas Day set a new record in the UK for green energy. 

Drax gathered figures that showed that over 40pc of the total energy generated on Christmas Day came from clean and green renewable sources - a new record. This compared with 25pc renewable energy in 2015 and just 12pc back in 2012.

The company's CEO, Andy Koss, said that the latest figures for the festive period demonstrated how Britain's energy system was experiencing a fundamental and positive change. He added that the new record levels of renewable generation were key to Britain's future energy mix as a means of moving away from damaging fossil fuels and creating a decarbonised society. 

The research, which was commissioned by Drax and delivered by Electric Insights, revealed that 75pc of green energy generated on December 25th came from wind power. Britain is currently the European leader in wind resources, thanks mainly to its favourable geographic position, which allows it to receive 40pc of the EU region's wind flow.

Drax is the biggest producer of coal power, but it is moving away from the fossil fuel source and converting its operation systematically to sustainable biomass.

The company generated 20pc of the UK's green energy in the first half of last year. It has a joint venture arrangement with Peel Ports in Liverpool for the shipping and transport of wooden pellets from sustainable US forests.

Drax has also announced this month that it is in the process of bidding to purchase Opus Energy and a suite of gas stations as part of its ongoing programme to cease using coal. The deal is said to be worth £340 million.