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Small Businesses Call On Government to Remove Energy Production Barriers

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

Small businesses are asking the government to take decisive action to deal with the barriers that prevent them from generating their own power. Led by concerns over British energy security, the Federation of Small Businesses has carried out research that finds the UK is also in danger of failing to achieve its climate targets unless small businesses are facilitated to support the measures.

The FSB wants to see the government produce a fresh plan for decarbonisation of the economy which will include a specific detailed strategy for energy-efficiency and energy micro-generation initiatives across the country's small businesses.

The trade body has learned that, for its thousands of UK SME members, energy security of supply is a key concern (60pc of respondents), whilst nearly 90pc of SMEs think that Britain is relying too heavily on energy imports.

The FSB believes that if the government can encourage small businesses to contribute towards renewable energy generation on a micro-scale, this push could help to improve Britain's energy security of supply and also help it to reach binding climate change targets.

A spokesman said that the current system for subsidising and incentivising energy infrastructure still lacked consistency, transparency, ambition and direction and that it required a complete overhaul at a strategic level.

From the same report, around 25pc of SMES believed that the transition to a low-carbon economy would result in greater benefits and opportunities for their business. Just 14pc could see threats. Currently, just 12pc of small firms are generating their own power - primarily from solar panels. More must now be done to support and incentivise the majority who aren't yet doing so but who are keen to become more energy self-sufficient through clean and green power means.