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New World-Leading CHP Plant Planned for Berlin

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

Vattenfall, the utility giant, says that it will be committing to the environmental and sustainability agenda in Germay by working to develop a new CHP plant in Berlin. The new facility will cost $346 million and will operate on a gas-fired combined cycle of heat and power in Marzahn-Hellersdorf.

Committing to Berlin's Sustainable Future

The investment will be a clear commitment to the city and a further step towards the climate protection agreement that the country's senate signed up to in 2009. Part of this required Germany to halve its carbon emissions against 1990 figures.

A Highly Efficient Technology

The new Combined Heat and Power plant will offer 260MW of electricity capacity and 230MW of thermal heat capacity. Additionally, fuel efficiency of 90pc will make it one of the most modern CHP facilities of its kind in the world.

Construction on the project will begin in April, and the new facility is expected to go online in 2020. Investment will come from primarily from Vattenfall, with additional public support and subsidy mechanisms available once it goes online.

A spokesman from Vattenfall, Gunther Muller, said that district heating played a vital role in working towards a carbon-neutral economy in Berlin. He added that the new plant would support this carbon-neutrality goal whilst offering a reliable supply of district heating for many years ahead. It will also provide a base-load power facility for the city's eastern areas.

CHP Market Continues to Grow Apace

Meanwhile, a new report into the global CHP market shows that the highly efficient technology will grow in installed capacity to 971.9GW by 2025, from a current level of 755GW in 2016. This will represent an annual compounded growth of 2.8pc. Access the full report here.