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Will Trump Be Forced to Concede the Power of Renewables?

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

US President Donald Trump has been vocal about his lack of support for renewable energy, but emerging figures suggest that he may be forced to concede its value.

The renewable industry across the globe is going from strength to strength as its costs of production plummet and demand grows from businesses and consumers. This means that Trump's doubts and any change in administration policy may be insufficient to halt its growth.

The Carbon Trust's Investment Director, Gina Hall, believes that the early talk about re-creating coal employment will fade away as the facts replace rhetoric. Market logic is certainly persuasive, with renewable energy costs now approaching parity with electricity bought from fossil fuel supplies.

Of equally pressing importance is the interest in America's big business communities. Some of the country's most powerful businesses, such as Google and Apple, are strongly and publicly committed to green energy and will not let the government stop their plans - plans which have included large private investment in wind and solar.

Clean energy is also an interesting topic, as it enjoys rare bipartisan support - with more than 50pc of new renewable capacity being installed in Republican states. This support might even help to strengthen the future of valuable tax credits which currently help to encourage private investment in the sector.

Ultimately, while Trump doesn't use the word 'renewable' in his America First plan, he does talk of creating jobs, delivering on low-cost energy and maximising the country's natural resources, which schemes such as solar and wind power investment can deliver, particularly in the rust-belt areas.

In the end, Trump wants more jobs, and with more US people working in solar power than fossil fuels the direction of travel may well be unstoppable.