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Alberta Makes Fresh Strides in Renewable Generation

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago

Alberta, the Canadian Province, is preparing itself for an ambitious new Renewable Electricity Program, which it says will see over $7.88 billion worth of investment pumped into the state by 2030 whilst creating over 7,000 skilled jobs for local people.

The Alberta Electric System Operator is now preparing itself to start the competitive tendering process for green energy generation.

In this initial round, firms are expected to submit bids for 400 MW of clean energy - the amount needed to power 170,000 houses. The initial stage will begin at the end of March to collect expressions of interest, and the project award announcements are scheduled for the end of 2017.

Each project is expected to have a two-year lifespan and be in operation by 2019. The Operator has explained that the program will be funded by private investment rather than through consumer bills. Additional revenues will be sourced from carbon tariffs from industrial emitters of greenhouse gases.

Under the programme, Alberta expects to generate 5GW of fresh green energy by 2030.

The programme is expected to bring significant gains to Alberta, creating new employment, growing private sector investment and allowing it to diversify its economy. A number of private companies have already expressed their interest in the project. The competitive process will allow the cleanest energy to be generated at the lowest possible cost for consumers. 

Calgary is planning to become a green energy hub, and the renewables sector has been identified as a strategic area of importance for the province. The region's leaders hope to be able to position Alberta as a global leader in the field, and the province is blessed with rich natural resources which can be exploited for the production of clean power.