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Report Predicts Inevitable Shift to Renewable Energy

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

The move towards renewable energy and away from fossil fuels appears to be 'irreversible' with the cost of green energies now plummeting, according to a report released this week.

Produced by Clean Energy Canada, 'The Transition Takes Hold' report has found that over 6.7 million employees across the world are now working in the renewables sector and that an incredible one in every fifty new jobs in America is within the solar industry.

The report also explains that the predicted costs of large solar power plants are expected to plummet by a huge 57pc in the next eight years, with wind power dropping by 26pc for onshore developments and 35pc for offshore.

The Executive Director of the organisation, Merran Smith, wrote in the report that the tipping points of this transition were seen where a technology went mainstream. She explained that it was only possible to pinpoint a tipping point in retrospect and that it would happen at different times across different clean energy sectors and in different countries.

However, she and the report's authors concluded that the transition to a green energy economy was now inevitable, with three primary energy buyers - the USA, India and China - all having pursued green energy developments in an aggressive manner.

In the US green energy has been a powerful creator of jobs, and in India and China the drive towards renewables is being powered by the issue of smog, which is a major societal problem and is leading to ill health in many cities.

The report may be a further thorn in President Trump's side, following his campaign pledges to bring back fossil fuel jobs and to rebuild the coal industry in the USA. Its conclusions will be welcomed by many, however.