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US Mayors Meet to Discuss Climate Change Agreement

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago

Over 250 US mayors have met in Florida this month to discuss an ambitious target which would see American cities powered entirely by renewables by 2035.

Many have already spoken out after President Donald Trump made a surprise move to attempt to remove the USA from the Paris Agreement, making it the only developed country to withdraw from climate change targets which affect the entire world.

The US Conference of Mayors was held this year in Miami Beach, and on the agenda was a scheduled vote for a resolution to remain committed to the 100pc clean power target. Many states have already made excellent progress towards the target and have spoken openly of their opposition to Trump's latest move.

The effort to get America back on the 100pc renewables track, even in defiance of the President's intentions, is being led by Philip Levine, the Miami Beach mayor, who has already been recognised for its endeavours to tackle rising sea levels.

The Centre for Climate and Energy Solutions carried out a survey in May that found 47 cities had received energy bills of almost $1.2 billion for their annual city operation costs, bills which could be mitigated through renewables investment.

The conference attendees have so far offered overwhelming support for the ongoing drive to tackle climate change. Mitch Landrieu, the New Orleans mayor, said that most of his peers believed that it wasn't necessary to wait for the president in order to make their move.

He added that the conference was nearly unanimous that climate change was driven by human activity and very much real. He also described President Trump's controversial views as being 'disconnected from science'.

The hope now is that these states can collectively ensure that the Paris Agreement targets are achieved in the USA.