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Ways to Use Renewables in Your Home

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago

Most homeowners are looking for ways to cut their bills and save energy at the same time. With direct micro renewable energy technologies installed in your home, you can make enough money to cancel your utility bills entirely - or at least to offset a portion of them. Some homeowners may even be able to earn an additional income from feed-in tariffs. The first step is to contact a microgeneration installer for an assessment of your home so you can arm yourself with the tools and knowledge needed to create your own system.

Which Are the Most Common Options to Consider?

Rooftop solar PV is perhaps the most obvious and common method for using renewable energy. Solar panels are usually roof-mounted, and costs have plummeted in recent years as manufacturing methods have been refined. However, innovation is still occurring, and there are already solar-enabled shingles! Most homes will only need a few panels to meet their needs, but there is of course the obvious issue that energy will not be generated when there is no sunlight.

Wind Turbines

Small wind turbines can be mounted on land or on a roof to create wind energy. They can be noisy and unsightly, but the resulting power is more stable than a solar energy system, and a mid-sized turbine can usually meet a home's entire needs.


If you have a source of running water on your property, you could install a microhydro system so that the running water is used to generate electricity. The benefit of this type of system is that it tends to need minimal maintenance, and as long as you have that source of running water on-site, then it will be a continuous well of kinetic energy from which you can generate power.