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Scotland Enjoys Further Renewables Success

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago

Scotland has enjoyed a new record high in renewable power generation with a 13pc year-on-year increase. The government is now being urged to leverage its success in the field of green electricity production to jump ahead and commit to a broader green economy transition.

An additional capacity increase of 16pc was also recorded in 2016, and over 50pc of total electricity usage in Scotland is now being derived from clean and green energy technologies.

WWF Scotland was quick to welcome the positive news but said that it was now vital for the government to focus on renewable energy measures in transport and heat.

A spokesperson for WWF Scotland, Acting Director Dr Sam Gardner, said that the news of Scotland's all-time green energy generation high was 'fantastic news' which 'reaffirmed the key role played in powering Scotland'.

Renewable power plays a key part in the country's economy as well as helping to slash carbon emissions and allow the move away from damaging fossil fuels. It also provides opportunities for skilled employment and inward investment, particularly in areas where Scotland has key competences, such as wind energy and emerging wave and tidal wave energy technologies.

Supporters of green energy say that continued use will allow Scotland to enjoy greater social and economic benefits alongside carbon emission cutting whilst providing greater energy security of supply.

Research also suggests that the country could produce over half of its total energy needs from clean energy by 2030, but WWF Scotland have said that the government will need to be prepared to implement clear policies in order to deliver this.

The renewable electricity industry in Scotland has created 26,000 direct and indirect jobs and has a turnover of £5 billion, which looks set to further grow as fresh capacity comes online.