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New Government Energy Strategy Will Bring Wind Power to the Fore

  • Publish Date: Posted about 5 years ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

The government is planning to enter into a new power deal with the energy industry that could see offshore wind developments producing a third of the country's total electricity needs by 2030.

If it goes ahead, the plan would see renewables producing more power than fossil fuels for the first time in Britain. In total, 70% of electricity would then come from renewable sources.

Offshore wind farms currently only generate 7% of the country's power, but this would be boosted to a third under the deal.

However, not all bodies are convinced that the announcement is as positive as it seems. Some green groups have said that renewable investments will need to be further scaled to achieve the new ambitions, as Britain's reliance on nuclear sources continues to flounder.

The government has promised to bring a green energy revolution to the country, with 27,000 jobs created as a result.

Claire Perry, the energy minister, said that the new clean energy sector deal would enable a further surge in clean offshore wind technologies to power Britain's homes and businesses. She added that it would also bring fresh investment into the country's coastal areas and allow Britain to remain a global leader in the clean energy field.

Under the terms of the deal, 60% of the companies involved in the offshore wind developments will be British, and this will help to ensure that the subsidies of £557m that the government has pledged will go to local communities.

An additional £250m will be provided by industry to further develop innovations in areas such as floating wind farms, robotics and innovative turbines.

A further £4m will be given to help countries such as Pakistan and Indonesia in their transition towards offshore wind and away from fossil fuels.