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Salford Locals Urged to Invest in Solar

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

Residents in Salford are being invited to join together as part of a joint-purchase initiative for solar PV panels on their rooftops.

The scheme is being led by Solar Together Greater Manchester. It wants to give homeowners confidence in paying a competitive price for solar panels from vetted installers in order to increase local adoption of clean energy technologies.

The group led three other similar schemes across the UK in 2018 which were a resounding success. Over 1650 solar panel installations were completed and over 35,000 tonnes of carbon emissions were calculated to have been avoided as a result of the switch to clean energy.

Salford locals have until 22 October to register for the solar panel group purchase scheme. The scheme is free to register, and people who do so will not be obliged to install any solar panels. 

A spokesperson for Salford City Council, Derek Antrobus, said that Salford City Council had joined with other Greater Manchester councils in a bid to be carbon-neutral by 2038. He added that the council was partnering with a range of climate change bodies and groups and that the local group-buying scheme would play a key role in achieving the goal.

After 22 October, registered and pre-vetted solar suppliers from across the UK will be able to offer their best price as part of a volume. The geographic concentration and local numbers will allow them to offer competitive costs and to pass on savings to customers.

Each registered household will then be given a personal recommendation according to their submitted details. Their installation can go ahead after a technical survey is completed. 

The group is working with over a dozen UK councils to progress similar joint-buying initiatives for clean energy at a community level.