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Firms Call On the Government to Support Solar in Wake of Energy Price Rises

  • Publish Date: Posted over 2 years ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

​Renewable energy firms are calling on the government to support solar energy in the wake of surging electricity and gas costs after experiencing vast surges in demand for solar roof panels.


One firm, Carbon Zero Renewables, said that it had experienced a rise in demand of 1000% in the past few weeks for solar roof panels.


Consumers have been warned that energy bills could rise by 30% in the coming year, and a wave of independent firms have recently gone bust.


Fears are leading more people to look at low-carbon alternatives and the possibility of generating their own energy.


The MD of Carbon Zero Renewables, Gareth Jones, has been questioning government policy decisions around electric vehicle priorities and a move to heat pumps. He has urged ministers to help families to adopt solar alternatives at home to generate their own clean energy and avoid soaring fuel costs, adding that the UK doesn't yet have the infrastructure to meet the needs of an electric car network.


Government incentives to invest in micro renewable energy in the home were scrapped years ago, and yet renewable installers have seen a huge spike in orders as customers look to become energy-secure and more environmentally friendly.


Firms in the green industries want to see the government implement measures to help people to future-proof their homes for sustainable and green energy generation rather than focusing on air source heat pumps and electric cars at a time when the capacity just isn't there.


Instead, they argue, homes and businesses alike could use solar now to both consume and generate power at their source.


A large solar system for a domestic property could easily save consumers over £800 a year with energy prices now hitting all-time highs.