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Norfolk wind farm will power a tenth of British homes

  • Publish Date: Posted over 1 year ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

​Over 10 per cent of Britain's energy needs will be met by a new Vattenfall wind farm development, which is being built along the Norfolk coastline.


The firm, which has already developed the Norfolk Offshore Wind Zone, has grown its capacity to 4.2 GW. With the additional capacity, it will power an extra 700,000 homes. The turbines will be primed to deliver clean electricity to over 4.6 million homes in total.


Project director, Rob Anderson, said that Vattenfall was seeking to grow its capacity through innovative new technologies, which enabled the company to unlock the full potential of its designs.


When completed, the Norfolk project will be one of the biggest wind farm developments in the world. However, despite generating a huge increase in wind power, the project will operate on existing infrastructure and use the same number of current onshore cables.


There will be no impact on local residents that hasn't already been factored in and approved, as the upgraded construction will be delivered as a higher outcome from the original, approved plans.


The Norfolk Wind Zone will be developed 50 kilometres off the Happisburgh coast. It will comprise two huge wind farms, the Norfolk Boreas and Vanguard. The former will move into operation in autumn 2023.


The work will also help to create hundreds of skilled and permanent clean energy jobs across Norfolk. Vattenfall has stated its intention to hire employees that live within an hour's commute of the development and to train them where required.


Businesses across the region will also benefit from the company's need for a large and comprehensive supply chain, bringing income, opportunities, new business and employment across Norfolk - and a far greater production capacity for clean wind energy to the UK.