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Is the UK ready for global warming impacts?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 1 year ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

​A new report by the Committee on Climate Change (CCC) has warned that the government isn't ready for the impacts of global warming and climate change. The advisory committee have also warned that Britain hasn't yet achieved any of its climate change targets and will need a significant 'step change' in policy to avoid significant risks in the future, including loss of life.


The CC exists to review official adaptation plans set by the government, and it comprises a group of independent experts who advise ministers on the ongoing climate crisis.


Chairperson, Baroness Brown, warned prime minister Rishi Sunak that the government is yet to show serious commitment to tackling the issue. She said that the government was showing a complete lack of commitment and haste in boosting climate resilience, despite mounting issues in the UK, such as flooding. Recent extreme weather events, including last year's heatwaves, are most likely being driven by climate change.


Last summer was the hottest on record for the UK, with temperatures exceeding 40 degrees for the first time on record and with 25,000 wildfires breaking out as a result. Additionally, the south and southeast of England have suffered from low crop yields after consistently low rainfall, affecting food availability. Farmers are warning the government that they will need funding and support to implement forthcoming climate change measures, especially where they require large infrastructure developments such as water reservoirs.


A government spokesperson said that decisive action had already been made to boost Britain's climate change defences and resilience, including an investment of £5.2 billion into better flood defences. He said that the committee's recommendations would be factored into the new climate National Adaptation Plan, which is being prepared for release this summer.