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Why the UK is in a race against time to hit the 2030 target

  • Publish Date: Posted 12 months ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

​A new report says that the UK must forge ahead to unlock an extra 70GW of renewable energy and achieve energy security by 2030. This figure, the report warns, would need to be on top of the 40GW already developed.


Industry experts also want to see small-scale nuclear reactors being fast-tracked to boost the volume of clean energy available by the end of this decade. The report, called the Powerbook, has been launched by Britain Remade; an influential campaign group.


The report proposes significant changes to the existing planning system to cut through bureaucracy and red tape, which can lead to delays of up to 12 years just to build a new offshore wind development. This contrasts with the 2-3 year timespan that is needed to build the wind farm itself.


The group wants to see the entire planning and building process for new offshore wind projects reduced to five years.


Campaigner for the group, Sam Rcharges, said that if the UK could speed up its ambitions to be sustainable in clean energy production, it could unlock an energy dividend of up to £1,400 for every household that pays energy bills across the country.


However, Richards cautioned, to achieve this, all politicians needed to work together to act and to ensure that the goals were delivered, particularly if there is to be a true drive to position the UK as a clean energy leader on the global stage.


Shadow Secretary of State for Climate Change and Net Zero, Ed Miliband, has also encouraged politicians to make a concerted effort to ensure that clean power is achieved by 2030, to boost energy security, lower bills, create thousands of new skilled jobs and to show climate leadership across the globe.