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Sky Studio uses solar to hit 40% of its energy needs

  • Publish Date: Posted 10 months ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

Sky Studio has invested in a new 3MW solar panel array on its rooftops at Sky Studios Elstree. This new system will now provide at least 40% of the company's annual energy needs, cutting out the need to buy in expensive and polluting fossil fuels.


The new system was installed by SSE Energy Solutions at the production studio site at Elstree, which was large enough to accommodate 7,400 panels. The panels were manufactured by SolarEdge, and the new development sees the energy partnership between these two green businesses continue to build.


SSE explained that the new system would give Sky more than 100GW of clean energy, helping it to become the world's most sustainable production studio.


The project is also a new exemplar of best-in-class renewables and 'whole system thinking' development for new renewable developments. SSE was able to take upfront costs out of the project entirely by directly purchasing the necessary materials and managing the installation in an end-to-end process.


SSE has worked on a number of new partnership developments this year in the commercial sector. These include a new project with the University of Glasgow, where SSE will fund exciting new Ph.D. research into renewable technologies and their performance management. The company has already given technology to the University of Sheffield to help it manage a 2MW battery for clean energy storage.


Businesses are increasingly looking for solutions to help manage their energy costs and clean credentials, and those with physical premises are able to take advantage of ever-improving technologies that allow them to leverage their estates and generate clean energy on-site, for less cost, with less transmission waste. This boosts their own energy security of supply and shows their true commitment to zero-carbon operations.