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Morlais tidal energy scheme

  • Publish Date: Posted 7 months ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

​HydroWing is poised to revolutionise tidal energy with the deployment of its cutting-edge Tocardo T-3 turbines at the Morlais energy scheme. Securing success as the largest tidal stream project in Wales during the recent UK government Contracts for Difference round, the Morlais initiative is a key undertaking at the Morlais tidal energy facility. This is the UK's largest tidal energy scheme, marking a significant milestone in HydroWing's ambition to become a global leader in tidal energy arrays.


Undertaking an exhaustive research initiative with Bangor University, HydroWing has assessed the velocity of the local tide currents at the Morlais site. Encouraging outputs from this study are guiding expectations regarding the site's yield characteristics. HydroWing's technology presents itself as a cost-effective, scalable solution, using a supporting structure on the seabed and bi-directional turbines that generate power as tides ebb and flow. Addressing a common challenge in tidal energy projects, the technology aims to mitigate high operational and maintenance costs.


The Morlais project is set to feature the next-generation Tocardo T-3 turbines, incorporating a Passive Pitch Mechanism. This innovation is anticipated to enhance yield by 50% to 60%, making projects in locations with lower flow more economically viable. HydroWing's collaboration with QED Naval in 2020 focused on harnessing the potential of the Tocardo turbine technology, building on insights gained from a 1.25MW tidal energy demonstration array in Eastern Scheldt.


With a keen eye on commercial viability, HydroWing has meticulously optimised its technology for cost reduction and improved efficiency. The Morlais project, slated for deployment in 2027, is seen as a crucial step towards lowering the costs of tidal energy globally. Positioned as a key player in achieving net-zero targets, HydroWing's innovative technology is poised to unlock the commercial potential of tidal energy on a global scale, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable energy solutions.