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Powering Growth: RenewableUK and Energy and Utility Skills' partnership for UK workforce development

  • Publish Date: Posted 6 months ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

​RenewableUK and Energy and Utility Skills have joined forces to address the training and assessment standards necessary for the UK's growing renewable energy workforce. Their collaborative goal is to establish apprenticeship standards, national occupational standards and frameworks within the renewables sector. The partnership aims to provide short courses, modular training programs and assessments for new recruits, while also supporting the training and development of existing workers.


Anticipating a surge in demand, particularly in the offshore wind sector, the partnership envisions an extra 70,000 personnel required by 2030. Roles in focus include electrical and mechanical engineering, health and safety, project management, planning and consent, as well as SCADA positions (supervisory control and data acquisition).


The collaboration is aligned with the strategic priorities outlined in the upcoming skills strategy by the Offshore Wind Industry Council, set for publication in 2024. Both Energy and Utility Skills and RenewableUK, representing a significant portion of the renewables sector and major asset owners in gas, water and power industries, respectively, will have representation on each other's skills governance groups.


The partnership extends beyond industry collaboration to include government and other bodies in developing a Green Skills Action Plan. This plan aims to leverage net-zero and energy security objectives to maximise job creation in the green economy, reaffirming the commitment of both organisations to economic growth and the creation of green jobs for individuals across the UK.


Dan McGrail, RenewableUK's Chief Executive, emphasised the need for qualifications, training and career pathways, praising the partnership for addressing these requirements through Energy & Utility Skills' expertise. Chief Executive of Energy & Utility Skills, Phil Beach, highlighted the timely and critical nature of the partnership in addressing the strategic workforce and skills challenge in the renewable energy sector.