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Genesis Energies powers Aberdeen's green revolution

  • Publish Date: Posted about 2 months ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

​Genesis Energies, an Aberdeen-based energy consulting firm, has recently moved back to the city centre, signalling its commitment to growth in the evolving fields of carbon capture, hydrogen production, and asset decarbonisation. With a strong heritage of over 35 years in Aberdeen, Genesis is harnessing its deep-rooted presence to foster closer collaboration with clients and contribute significantly to the city's status as a centre of excellence for energy transition. The firm's managing director, Helen Coleman, emphasised the move as a catalyst for enhancing operational dynamics and attracting new clients, thus accelerating growth.


Now housing 150 staff members in its new premises, Genesis is witnessing the tangible benefits of its strategic relocation, including an influx of new clients and a reinforced trajectory of expansion. This growth is not just in numbers; it reflects a broader ambition to pioneer innovative solutions across a spectrum of energy transition sectors such as carbon capture, utilisation and storage (CCUS), sustainable fuels, and offshore wind.


Particularly notable is Genesis's involvement in every UK CCUS cluster, highlighting a resurgence in carbon capture initiatives driven by favourable shifts in government policy. This involvement showcases Genesis's adaptive approach, balancing its longstanding expertise in Aberdeen's traditional oil and gas sector with a forward-looking stance on decarbonisation and innovation.


Genesis's ethos extends beyond its service offerings to embody sustainability within its own operations. The firm's new office merges historic architecture with modern sustainability standards, achieving the highest EPC-A energy performance rating.


The firm's positive influence is recognised widely, evidenced by nominations for prestigious awards and acknowledgements by the Financial Times and Forbes. With a recent influx of enthusiastic graduates, Genesis not only showcases growth but also a vibrant corporate culture. Despite its global expansion, Aberdeen remains at the firm's heart, embodying a hopeful future for the city's energy sector.