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Otovo launches solar subscription in the UK to boost clean energy access

  • Publish Date: Posted 4 months ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

​In a significant move towards making solar energy more accessible to UK homeowners, the Norwegian-based solar marketplace Otovo has launched a novel solar subscription service in the United Kingdom. This service is designed to overcome the barrier of high upfront costs associated with solar system installations, thereby broadening access to clean energy.


Despite a notable increase in solar installations in the UK, with over 180,000 domestic installations recorded in 2023, the penetration of solar technology in UK homes remains relatively low at 6%. This contrasts sharply with higher adoption rates observed in other European nations such as the Netherlands and Belgium, where 25% and 22% of homes respectively have embraced solar energy.


Otovo's subscription model, mirroring its successful offerings in other European markets, aims to rectify this discrepancy by facilitating easier access to solar systems for UK households. Under this model, homeowners can install solar panels without bearing the initial costs, paying instead through a monthly subscription that covers installation, maintenance, and warranties for up to 20 years for panels and 10 years for batteries.


This approach has the potential to significantly boost solar adoption in the UK, particularly among those who have previously found the costs prohibitive. The success of similar financing models in the US, where they have contributed to widespread solar adoption, underscores the potential impact of Otovo's initiative.


The company's entry into the UK market is seen as a game-changer, promising to make solar energy an economically viable option for a vast majority of homeowners. This development is aligned with the broader industry and policy-maker efforts to enhance the uptake of clean energy, reflecting a growing recognition of the importance of diverse and accessible financing options in the transition towards sustainable energy solutions.