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UK's largest consumer-owned wind farm powers up in Scotland

  • Publish Date: Posted 24 days ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

​The UK's largest consumer-owned wind farm, Kirk Hill Wind Farm, is set to commence operations this month in South Ayrshire, Scotland. This innovative project, owned by over 5,600 individuals and small firms, consists of eight turbines with the capacity to supply electricity to approximately 20,000 homes and businesses.


The development of Kirk Hill Wind Farm was made possible through £13.2 million raised by the public and small enterprises in 2022. The initiative is led by Ripple Energy, a company dedicated to enabling collective ownership of large-scale renewable energy projects. By harnessing wind power, Kirk Hill aims to provide up to 100% green energy to its owners, significantly contributing to efforts to mitigate climate change.


The wind farm is projected to generate sufficient electricity in less than ten minutes to power a household for an entire year. This will result in an annual reduction of 29,667 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Additionally, the financial benefits for co-owners include substantial savings on electricity bills over the wind farm's lifespan, while nearly £3 million from the sale of green energy will be allocated to local organisations.


Ripple Energy's founder, Sarah Merrick, has a longstanding background in the renewable energy sector. She highlights the unique opportunity for thousands of people to collectively own and benefit from large-scale renewable energy sources, bypassing the need for individual installations like rooftop solar panels. This model allows participants to see and feel the direct impact of their contribution to climate change mitigation.


Building on the success of Kirk Hill, Ripple Energy is now inviting public and business investments for its next project, Whitelaw Brae, in the Scottish Borders. This 14-turbine site near Tweedsmuir will be capable of powering an average home with clean electricity for a year in just three minutes.