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Posted 15 days ago

Green revolution: UK poised for environmental transformation
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Posted 22 days ago

Urgent call for UK government to accelerate grid infrastructure and boost green jobs
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Posted about 1 month ago

Accelerated net zero transition could boost UK economy by £240 billion
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Posted about 2 months ago

UK energy sector launches 'Skills Passport' to aid workforce transition
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Posted 3 months ago

National Grid advances clean energy delivery with innovative grid technology
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Posted 3 months ago

UK's record shift to renewable energy
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Posted 5 months ago

Renewable energy at the heart of Labour's economic plan
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Posted 6 months ago

UK Approves Drax's Bioenergy CCS Project
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Posted 8 months ago

Chancellor's Autumn Statement Paves the Way for Green Energy Revolution
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Posted 8 months ago

UK's renewable renaissance: Navigating challenges and unlocking economic potential
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Posted 11 months ago

London to Host New Energy Security Conference
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Posted 12 months ago

Prime Minister to Push Homegrown Clean Energy with Industry Leaders
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Posted about 1 year ago

Is the UK Grid Ready for Renewables?
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Posted about 1 year ago

Brits back the Net-Zero Transition
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Posted about 1 year ago

National Grid launches huge overhaul
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Posted over 1 year ago

The changing face of renewables in the UK
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Posted over 1 year ago

Transferable Skills and Renewable Energy Jobs
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Posted over 1 year ago

Labour plans ahead for £8 bn clean energy revolution
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Posted over 1 year ago

Is UK's net zero ambition for aviation simply too ambitious?
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Posted over 1 year ago

PM Sunak urges world leaders to speed up renewables goals