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LEON Is the Latest Restaurant Chain to Commit to 100pc Renewables

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

LEON, the chain of healthy fast-food restaurants, is the latest business to publicly sign a commitment to adopt 100pc green energy. It's working with Opus Energy on a new renewable energy contract.

Opus confirmed this week that the chain had chosen to buy its 100pc green energy tariff for its restaurant power needs, alongside an option for fixed energy pricing which hedges against energy market price fluctuations and allows the business to better plan and manage its energy costs across the restaurant estate.

As a result of the contract, LEON will receive all of its energy needs from renewable technologies that include solar, hydro, wind and anaerobic digestion.

Opus Energy's Corporate Solutions Director, Steve James, said that it was refreshing to be able to partner with a firm that possessed such a strong commitment towards renewables adoption and was keen to make a conscious buying decision in a highly competitive energy market.

LEON is a firm with strong values, and its business plan is to make healthy food accessible to people on a 'fast-food' basis and work to maintain its reputation for being ethical and fair.

A spokeswoman from LEON said that the company was committed to constantly challenging itself to do better and that Opus Energy had been fast and responsive in their energy transfer. 

The chain has assessed itself previously as having a 41pc efficiency rating for energy usage and 54pc for environmental impact overall. The Sustainable Restaurant Association has awarded it two stars.

LEON is the latest in a series of big brands that have publicly moved to 100pc green tariffs as firms work to improve their environmental credentials, minimise their impact and benefit from plummeting energy costs that allow them the 'wiggle room' needed to choose green tariffs.