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Pakistan Confirms Planned Huge Investment in Renewable Energy

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

Nations across the world are forging ahead with their renewable energy plans, with Pakistan the latest to confirm its ambitious plans. Government officials have announced to the media that it intends to invest particularly heavily in wind energy, with over 21 projects already prepared for commissioning.

These projects are at different development phases but are expected to be completed by 2018 and add 1,012 MW of additional green energy capacity to the grid.

Each project is being progressed in Sindh - a province in the east which has a shared border with India's provinces of Gujarat and Rajasthan. These states are already leading the way in installed wind capacity thanks in part to their wind resources and favourable policy regimes.

The investment will see involvement from a number of overseas companies, including China's Sunect Energy, Three Gorges Corporation and Tricon Boston Consulting. Financial closure has already been achieved by nine of the projects with a total capacity of 479 MW, and these are now in construction. A further six products are operational, with 308 MW of capacity.

The government is working hard to promote the renewable power industry too, both within Pakistan and overseas. Last year it approved the use of over 15,000 acres of land to forge ahead with 21 new wind and solar projects. An extra 6,600 acres of land has already been earmarked for 12 more green energy projects later down the line.

A number of Chinese and European firms have invested in the country's green energy market, with foreign investment worth over $3 billion pouring into the country last year. The growing commitment will increasingly allow Pakistan to have a voice on the global stage when it comes to to low-carbon initiatives, green energy management and sustainable economics.