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England's green power surge

​England stands on the brink of a remarkable green energy revolution, with the potential to multiply its renewable electricity production by an impressive thirteen times while using less than 3% ...

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Genesis Energies powers Aberdeen's green revolution

​Genesis Energies, an Aberdeen-based energy consulting firm, has recently moved back to the city centre, signalling its commitment to growth in the evolving fields of carbon capture, hydrogen pro...

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Otovo launches solar subscription in the UK to boost clean energy access

​In a significant move towards making solar energy more accessible to UK homeowners, the Norwegian-based solar marketplace Otovo has launched a novel solar subscription service in the United King...

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UK winter power shift as renewables outpace gas

​In the winter of 2023/24, the UK witnessed a historic shift in its power generation, with renewables, including wind, solar and hydro, surpassing gas-fired plants in electricity output. The Ener...

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UK launches green incentives for offshore wind investments

​In an ambitious move to combat climate change and enhance the country's energy security, the UK Government has unveiled plans to incentivise offshore wind companies to adopt more sustainable pra...

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Powering the future: NatPower's £10 billion leap towards UK's green energy revolution

​In a notable development for the UK's renewable energy sector, NatPower has unveiled a £10 billion investment to create the country's most extensive battery storage portfolio. This move marks a ...

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Green hydrogen hub to energise Tyneside

​Lhyfe has revealed ambitious plans to construct a 20MW electrolysis facility in Tyneside, signalling a significant advancement in the production of sustainable hydrogen. Pending approval, the pr...

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Isle of Wight's new waste-to-energy plant exceeds expectations in test operations

​The opening of the new waste-to-energy plant situated on the Isle of Wight marks a significant milestone in sustainable waste management and renewable energy generation. After a five-year delay ...

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Renewable energy at the heart of Labour's economic plan

​The Labour Party has reiterated its commitment to bolstering clean energy manufacturing, signalling a strategic move that could significantly boost job creation and economic growth. This pledge ...