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EET Fuels unveils plans for Europe's first hydrogen-ready CHP plant

EET Fuels has announced its ambitious plans to build Europe's inaugural hydrogen-ready combined heat and power (CHP) plant at its oil refinery in Stanley, with the completion date set for 2027. T...

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Green revolution: UK poised for environmental transformation

​Following Labour's historic general election victory, the UK stands on the cusp of a significant shift towards a greener, low-carbon future. With an overwhelming public mandate, Keir Starmer, th...

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Urgent call for UK government to accelerate grid infrastructure and boost green jobs

​A recent report by the Mission Zero Coalition, led by former energy minister Chris Skidmore, is urging the next UK government to speed up the construction of new infrastructure in order to conne...

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UK households could slash foreign energy dependence by 80% in five years

​UK households have the potential to reduce their reliance on foreign energy imports by a staggering 80% within the next five years, a new analysis by the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (EC...

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Accelerated net zero transition could boost UK economy by £240 billion

​Energy UK, representing over 100 companies in the UK's energy sector, has called on political parties to recognise the economic advantages of a swift transition to Net Zero. A study by Oxford Ec...

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Hydrogen sector to bring economic boost to North West England

​A report from the North West Hydrogen Alliance has revealed that the development of a hydrogen sector could inject £3.4 billion into the North West of England's economy. This initiative is expec...

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UK's largest consumer-owned wind farm powers up in Scotland

​The UK's largest consumer-owned wind farm, Kirk Hill Wind Farm, is set to commence operations this month in South Ayrshire, Scotland. This innovative project, owned by over 5,600 individuals and...

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UK energy sector launches 'Skills Passport' to aid workforce transition

​The UK energy industry has unveiled a prototype 'energy skills passport' aimed at facilitating the recognition of skills and qualifications across various energy sectors. This initiative is part...

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UK marine energy sector advances towards commercialisation

​The UK's marine energy sector is making significant strides towards commercialisation, according to Claire Mack, the Chief Executive of Scottish Renewables. Mack emphasised the pivotal role that...