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UK reaffirms commitment to net zero

​The United Kingdom's unyielding commitment to achieving net zero emissions by 2050 remains steadfast. This affirmation comes in response to mounting concerns raised by the Environmental Audit Co...

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Scotland's first community-owned wind farm secures £5 million funding

​A community group in North Ayrshire is set to build a pioneering 2.5MW wind farm with over £5 million in funding. Thrive Renewables and Social Investment Scotland are the main financial backers ...

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Assessing the economic prospects and challenges of the UK's renewable energy sector

In a recent report titled "REview23," the Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA) illuminates the promising economic landscape of the United Kingdom's renewable energy sector ...

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A revolutionary solution - wind turbine blades repurposed as bridges

​In a groundbreaking development, engineers have discovered an innovative method to repurpose retired wind turbine blades, converting them into robust bridges with the capacity to support loads o...

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Octopus Energy Extends 'Fan Club' Wind Tariff for Coastal Residents

​Octopus Energy has unveiled plans to extend its initiative, known as the 'Fan Club' wind tariff, which grants substantial discounts on electricity to residents when adjacent offshore wind farms ...

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Empowering sustainability: Voltis Renewables' 41 MW solar project in county Durham receives approval

​In a significant stride towards clean energy and sustainability, Voltis Renewables has been given planning permission for a 41-megawatt solar project in the north-east of England. Located in Cou...

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Scottish Energy Minister advocates using excess offshore wind power for green hydrogen

​In a compelling address at the 'Investing in Green Hydrogen' conference, Scotland's Energy Minister, Gillian Martin, delivered a bold proposal to harness excess renewable energy generated from o...

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Government auction receives no bids

​A new key auction for offshore wind energy has received no bids from developers, further highlighting issues with the government's strategy for renewable power. The results of the latest round o...

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Sky Studio uses solar to hit 40% of its energy needs

Sky Studio has invested in a new 3MW solar panel array on its rooftops at Sky Studios Elstree. This new system will now provide at least 40% of the company's annual energy needs, cutting out the ...