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Firms Call On the Government to Support Solar in Wake of Energy Price Rises

​Renewable energy firms are calling on the government to support solar energy in the wake of surging electricity and gas costs after experiencing vast surges in demand for solar roof panels. One ...

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Is Drax Actually Britain's Biggest Carbon Emitter?

​A biomass plant, Drax, received over £800 million in government subsidies last year at its Selby location, but its method of operation - burning wood and other forms of biomass to generate energ...

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GM Autos Announces New Renewables Targets

​General Motors has announced that it plans to source its entire energy needs from renewable sources by 2025 in the US. The company will be using an array of technologies, including solar PV farm...

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Drax Plans for Next Step in Its Renewables Plan

As the UK grapples with energy supply issues and faces turning fossil fuel power plants back on to meet a national power shortfall, Drax - the renewable energy firm - has laid out its plans to so...

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Government Offers Funding to Renewable Energy Suppliers

​Britain's government has announced that it will be providing a whopping £265 million worth of funding in the biggest round on record of its renewable energy scheme. The added funding for the flag...

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UK Opens New Advanced Renewables Hub Worth £105 Million

​A new research hub based at the University of Manchester has been opened with over £105 million of investment as part of a public and private partnership. It will carry out advanced research int...

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UK to Invest $1.2 Billion in India's Renewable Energy Industries

​The UK government has announced that it will invest $1.2 billion in India's renewable and green sectors across the public and private sectors. The announcement came ahead of the November COP26 c...

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Could Hazelnuts Be a Source of Renewable Energy?

​Hazelnuts are undoubtedly delicious and a favourite with cooks everywhere, but researchers now believe that their shells could also be a great source of potential renewable energy.Chinese scient...

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IKEA to Start Selling Clean Energy Directly to Customers

​Global furniture giant IKEA has announced its plans to start selling renewable energy directly to customers in Sweden. In a new move for the company, Ikea will offer green electricity generated ...