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12812113 M
EU Fast-Tracks Proposals to Move Away from Russian Fossil Fuels

​The European Commission has shared plans to move away from Russian fossil fuels and end its dependence by 2027, with €210 billion of investment, subsidies and tax breaks to make the plan happen....

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Government Wants to Reclassify Natural Gas as 'green'

​Green groups have warned that the government is planning to classify natural gas as a clean and 'green' option for renewable investors so that pension funds and banks invest in projects to extra...

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Octopus Energy to Build a Huge Floating Wind Farm

​Octopus Energy is seeking to reduce the UK's reliance on Russian gas imports by building a new kind of floating offshore wind farm. The new development will provide green energy, boost energy se...

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Some Pros and Cons of the Main Renewable Energy Sources

​Renewable energy is firmly on the world policy agenda, and people everywhere are becoming increasingly committed to investing in clean, green renewable energy and phasing out damaging fossil fue...

10218455 M
European Commission Researches Possible Higher Renewables Targets

​The European Commission is researching whether the UK could hit a higher target of 45% renewable energy by 2030 rather than its current target of 40pc. The assessment is being driven by the Unio...

135066932 M
JP Morgan Plans Zero-Emissions New York HQ

​JP Morgan Chase has unveiled bold new designs for a completely net-zero emissions HQ to be located in New York City. The investment bank revealed that it planned to build a 60-storey skyscraper ...

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Why Renewable Energy Storage Could Tackle Rising Gas Prices

​As the UK grapples with rocketing energy prices, energy storage solutions promise a better future. Already, the imperative to move toward renewable energy is more powerful than ever, but most fo...

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Dorset Ranked as a Leading UK Spot for Renewable Energy

​Dorset has been revealed as one of the UK's top spots for renewable electricity generation, with the county's investment in clean energy solutions growing by 250% in the past seven years. Furthe...

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The Public Wants More Renewables

​A new survey has found that the British public wants to see greater use of renewable energy. Furthermore, the majority of people think that growing levels of solar and wind energy will also be t...