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Should the UK be focusing on tidal energy?

​Experts have called on the government to leverage Britain's 'biggest untapped energy resource' in the form of wave and tidal energy as means of shoring up the security of supply and avoiding the...

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National Grid forced to pay £82 million to wind farm operators to constrain production

​Experts are warning that Britain's wind farms are over-producing energy, after National Grid was forced to pay £82 million to operators in December. Under current contractual arrangements, wind ...

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Is net zero possible in the 2040s?

​A climate business expert has said that the UK could achieve its net zero goals in the 2040s. Outgoing UK president of Cop26, Nigel Topping, said that the world could hit its net zero ambitions ...

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Britain enjoys new wind power generation records

​Wind power generation in the UK hit new heights in 2022 as the latest figures for December have shown. Supplies for the clean energy source were greatly boosted by turbines in offshore and onsho...

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UK has record year for renewables - but fossil fuels still grew

​The latest figures show that 40% of Britain's energy needs came from renewable energy in 2022, with the main sources being wind, biomass, solar and hydro. Total generation figures for the UK hav...

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Norfolk wind farm will power a tenth of British homes

​Over 10 per cent of Britain's energy needs will be met by a new Vattenfall wind farm development, which is being built along the Norfolk coastline. The firm, which has already developed the Norf...

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UK signs landmark energy cooperation agreement

​The UK government has signed a landmark agreement that will set a higher degree of cooperation for renewable energy between the EU and North Seas countries. The new North Seas Energy Cooperation...

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Tidal power begins to interest investors

​Investors are becoming increasingly interested in the power of UK tidal energy, as the cost of developing these assets decreases and the reliability of the systems grows. As the turbines themsel...

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Huge UK-Sahara solar and wind project delayed

​A huge undersea cable project due to link the UK and Sahara has been delayed because of ongoing political turmoil. The Xlinks project is due to generate 20 hours a day of renewable, reliable ene...