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Study shows that a switch to renewables could save trillions

​A new study by Oxford university has shown that a switch to renewable energy could help to save up to £10 trillion pounds by 2050 - and ditch fossil fuels for good. The report also said that it ...

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New Prime Minister Called Upon To Embrace Green Energy

​A coalition of environmental groups including green campaigners and faith groups have written to the new prime minister, Liz Truss, encouraging her to take powerful action against climate change...

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UK hydrogen project to slash reliance on fossil fuels

​A new £40 million hydrogen project in the UK has been tipped to reduce reliance on fossil fuels by a third. This is a key breakthrough at a time when the country is experiencing an energy crisis...

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Does the UK Face a Decade of Rising Energy Bills?

​Experts have warned that Britain is facing a decade of higher energy prices until costs can be brought back down by renewable energy generation. Prices are expected to hit as much as £5,000 a ye...

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UK Receives £400 Million Energy Security Boost from Octopus

​Octopus Energy has announced that is will be investing £400 million into the biggest offshore wind farm that the UK has seen yet. Working with partners, the new project will provide a significan...

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Octopus Plans to Repower Old Wind Turbines

​Octopus Energy has announced plans to power 100,000 UK homes with wind energy produced from 'repowered' and refurbished wind turbines. The firm, which is one of Europe's largest clean energy com...

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New Onshore Wind Farm Opens in Wales

​The Welsh Government Minister for Climate Change has opened a new wind farm in Clocaenog Forest, just 18 miles away from Wrexham. The new development, which is owned and operated by RWE, will be...

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United Utilities Prepares to Divest Energy Investments

​United Utilities group is planning to sell of its renewable energy business, UU Renewable Energy Limited, in a deal worth around £100 billion. The business will be sold to SDCL Energy Efficiency...

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Energy Challenges for the UK - Possible Responses

​How can the UK achieve its net-zero target whilst maintaining its energy security of supply? There are certainly challenges in the market at the moment, with an uncertain political and fiscal cl...