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Scotland Achieves New Wind Energy Milestone

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

Scotland has achieved a new first in the renewable energy stakes, producing more green energy than the country used in total for one day.

Research carried out by WWF Scotland discovered that 106pc of the country's total energy needs on 7th August was met through wind energy, thanks primarily to a patch of unusually stormy weather that really got the turbines spinning.

The country was deluged with rain and gale-force winds that hit up to 115mph in the Cairngorms, and in fact the weather was so extreme that an oil service rig weighing 17,000 tonnes broke away from its tug and later had to be retrieved.

However, although the unseasonal weather caused much disruption across many of the country's services, it did lead to a positive outcome in wind energy output.

Scotland is now producing over 50pc of its total power needs from wind energy, thanks in part to strong policy support at a government level and a clear commitment over the longer term to developing the country's renewable energy industry, particularly with offshore wind.

WWF Scotland are now asking the government to sign up to a new commitment that would target the country to meet half of its total power needs - including transport and heat - from green energy sources by 2030.

Scotland is particularly well placed to be a renewables leader in wind, as it receives around 40pc of the winds in Europe and has a well-positioned coastline as well as a skilled workforce thanks to its oil industry history. The country has testing facilities that already have world-class status thanks to the investment made in them.

The hope is that the country continues to commit to the economic and sustainable benefits of further green energy development, particularly following the EU referendum result.