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Scotland's Wind Power Industry Continues to Make Great Gains

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

New research carried out by WeatherEnergy shows that Scotland's wind power industry is experiencing real success in driving forward renewable energy share. The country's output grew by over 33pc in September of this year compared to the same period in 2015, and this shows just how successful wind power in Scotland is proving to be.

WindEnergy's data revealed that wind turbines generated over 766 MWh of clean energy for the National Grid in September compared to 563 MWh last year. This equates to sufficient energy to meet the total electricity needs of 2.1 million Scottish homes - or 87pc of the country's households.

September was also a first for the country, as wind power produced its entire electricity needs on two separate days, both within the same month. Lang Banks, Director at WWF Scotland, said that the month had been 'astonishing' for renewable energy achievements in Scotland. He pointed to the success of public and political support in ensuring the country was achieving its renewable energy goals.

Solar Energy Also Enjoying Gains

Solar energy also experienced a boom period. Homes fitted with solar PV panels in Aberdeen enjoyed enough sun in September to provide 70pc of average household electricity needs. In Dundee the figure was 69pc and in Edinburgh 61pc.

The renewable energy sector is now calling on the government to show further commitment to achieving ambitious carbon-reduction targets and to extend support to other aligned sectors such as transport and heat. With the impact of Brexit yet to be fully understood and felt, the industry and investors are keen to have clarity over renewables policy direction, especially if the UK is no longer legally bound to meet the original EU targets as a result of its exit from the union.