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A Fifth of the World's Energy Could Be Supplied by Wind by 2030

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

New research suggests that the wind power industry could be providing up to 20pc of the world's total electricity needs by 2030, creating a vast economic boost in the process, attracting over 200 billion euros worth of investment every year and creating millions of skilled new green sector jobs in the process.

The report has been produced by the WEC and the Global Wind Energy Council in their biennial report, the Wind Energy Outlook. It showed how wind power installations across the globe last year brought much of the fresh capacity online.

As well as creating a vast capacity increase of green electricity, as many as 2.4 million new skilled jobs could be created and up to 3.3 billion tonnes of carbon emissions could be eliminated as a result of the switch away from damaging fossil fuels.

A spokesman from the Wind Energy Council said that the world's governments needed to get serious about committing to the agreements put in place at last year's Paris Summit, with the targets meaning that the world would be entirely decarbonised before 2050, and with wind power playing a key part in the drive towards a low-carbon economy.

Asia, Latin America and Africa in particular have seen rapid growth in the renewable energy field, with work now continuing to encourage a mix of public and private investment in new projects and to grow the necessary infrastructure to allow commercial projects to progress.

Meanwhile, in Europe, the impacts of Brexit on carbon emission targets are yet to be seen, and groups are lobbying the government to ensure that they stick to their original agreement of achieving a 20pc renewable energy mix to meet Britain's electricity needs by 2020.