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How Can You Support Renewable Energy?

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago

The implications for Britain's climate change ambitions in a post-Brexit world are yet to be clarified, but there are plenty of ways that individuals can commit to renewable power sources and help to drive forward the change towards a more sustainable future. After all, in America the anti-renewables rhetoric from the Trump administration looks to be increasingly irrelevant in a market that is continuing to move towards ever greater green energy adoption, driven by individual state commitments and big business brands such as Google, IKEA and Microsoft forging ahead with their own renewable energy initiatives.

Individuals have plenty of options to support renewable energy and make a difference. The obvious route lies in direct investment - a micro hydro, wind, solar or biomass boiler system for the home. If this isn't possible, you can simply seek to use less power at home and implement energy-saving initiatives such as better insulation.

You can patronise businesses that have a clear sustainability agenda and consider buying green energy credits through a charity to offset your family's carbon emissions. You can support those publications which invest in environmental journalism (either by reading or social sharing), and you can join lobbying and awareness groups that promote better understanding of climate change issues.

If you are a financial investor, you can look for funds and assets which support the development of green energy projects - either through funds or by investing in local community energy initiatives. Don't forget to vote at elections either and choose those politicians that align with your environmental beliefs. Lobby your local MP and find out what they are doing locally.

Through concerted collective action at a local level, powerful and sustainable changes can occur and the move towards a greener future will continue.