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Two American States Move Towards 100pc Renewables Ambition

  • Publish Date: Posted over 7 years ago

Legislation has been introduced in Massachusetts and California that will mandate the states to obtain 100pc of their electricity needs from renewable sources by 2045. For California, this represents a sizeable leap from the current 50pc target by 2030 - a target that was only formalised 18 months ago and which represents a challenge.

However, under Governor Jerry Brown the state has become a global leader in its endeavours to limit the damaging effects of fossil fuels. This latest move will considerably up the ante and also challenge President Trump's much-discussed energy policy. Trump has repeatedly described global warming as being a 'hoax' - even in the face of clear scientific evidence to the contrary. He has also pledged to create millions of jobs through increased production of polluting fossil fuels.

Meanwhile, Massachusetts has moved towards implementing a similar law which already has the support of over 25pc of the state's legislature. This would require the state to provide its total electricity needs from clean power by 2035, and then its entire energy needs - including heat and transport - from green energy sources by 2050.

The move is the latest in the USA to transition away from damaging fossil fuels at a state level and to create healthier, cleaner communities that have their own energy security of supply and the economic benefits that come from clean energy developments. Already, Hawaii has committed to the same 100pc renewables goal and aims to achieve this by 2045.

With solar power costs plummeting and wind power also growing the USA, it may be that President Trump's lack of interest in renewables becomes largely irrelevant, especially as individual states and big US businesses continue their drive towards carbon-neutral, sustainable future economies.