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Apple Will Move to 100pc Renewables-Powered Manufacturing in Japan

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago

Global tech giant Apple has said that it will be moving to a manufacturing model in Japan that is driven entirely by renewable energy, working with its supplier, Ibiden, in order to deliver on the stretch goal.

Ibiden will now be investing in over twenty dedicated new green energy facilities, including one of Japan's biggest floating solar PV systems. A spokesperson for Apple said that the company was proud to be working in partnership with Ibiden and that it recognised renewable energy investment as being both sound business sense and sound environmental sense.

Ibiden produces integrated chip and circuitry products that are used in a range of Apple devices. Now the partnership's green energy developments will generate a total output of 12MW of solar energy. This will exceed the amount needed to manufacture Apple products and will support the country's push to slash carbon emissions.

Apple is working with its supplier base to generate more than 2.5 billion Kwh annually of renewable energy in order to make Apple products in a carbon-neutral way by the end of next year. Once successful, the achievement will be akin to removing over 400,00 vehicles from the roads for an entire year.

Already the global brand has taken sizeable steps to preserve the environment by transitioning away from fossil fuels and moving increasingly towards clean and green renewable energy. Today its operations in 23 countries are powered entirely by renewables, and its remaining operational infrastructure has already achieved a 93pc renewables utilisation rate. This is something that will inspire other businesses to follow where the global giant leads and which may embarrass President Trump as he continues to speak in favour of fossil fuel reinvestment and about his scepticism over global warming.