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Plans Approved for New EfW Plant in Dundee

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago

Councillors have given the green light to plans for a new energy from waste project in Baldovie. The incinerator development will see £100 million of investment pumped into the area, and the council's development committee were happy to give unanimous approval to the applications submitted by MVV Environmental Services.

As part of the deal, the firm will be taking on the management and operation of the existing incinerator at the site from late this year. They will then continue to operate it whilst building the new energy from waste incinerator. The existing one will be decommissioned when the new model is in place.

The new EfW incinerator will have a 90-metre tall chimney and will burn nearly 110,000 tonnes of rubbish from Angus and Dundee every year, providing steam to the Michelin factory co-located on site and valuable energy to the National Grid for an income. It provides an example of the dual outputs of this type of energy recovery facility.

The MD of MCC Environmental Services, Paul Carey, said that the company's aim was to find innovative long-term solutions to the ongoing problem of residual waste management.

New waste Plant in West Bromwich Will Process 45,000 Nappies a Year

Meanwhile, in West Bromwich, a new multi-million EfW plant has begun operation, dealing with nappies, incontinence pads and sanitary protection. It will be burning 45,000 tonnes of this waste annually to provide energy for power stations. Operated by the PHS group, the LifeCycle plant is believed to be the first of its kind in existence. The UK produces 50 tonnes of hygiene waste products every 2-3 hours, with the vast majority otherwise ending up in landfill. This new approach will divert waste away from landfill and help to extract usable energy from previously 'useless' rubbish.