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Apple Reveals Latest Renewables Investment

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago

Apple has revealed that it is investing in two huge renewable-energy projects in the USA, one of which will be the tech giant's biggest ever green energy project.

The news was shared in the company's Environmental Responsibility Report last week, and Apple explained that it was signing up to new PPA agreements with a wind energy developer in Oregon. The second project will be a huge solar power plant located in Crook County, which will be the largest to date in Oregon.

Apple is working towards a broader goal of powering its global operations with entirely renewable energy. Last year it has already hit the 96pc target, fuelled by green energy power purchase agreements and direct investments in renewable energy technologies of its own and across its vast operational infrastructure and facilities.

Apple's report was released on Earth Day. It notes that the power purchase agreement with the Montague Wind Power Project, which will come online towards the end of next year, will generate over 560 million Kwh of clean renewable power every year.

The company has already said that it wants to be the world's cleanest company. It launched a huge clean energy drive in 2015, aiming to initially convert the entire energy needs of its Chinese operation to clean sources. This goal was rapidly achieved, paving the way for the new '100pc renewables' milestone.

Apple says that it has so far managed to slash its carbon emissions by almost 585,000 metric tonnes. It is already 100pc renewable in its operations across 24 countries and its entire data centre network.

By 2020, it plans to both source and generate more than 4GW of clean energy. It also plans to ensure its suppliers follow its clean lead and is already using 99pc recycled materials in its packaging.