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India Brings 5.4GW of Fresh Wind Energy Capacity Online

  • Publish Date: Posted about 7 years ago

India's government has announced that it brought a new record amount of fresh wind capacity online in 2016-17. It is 5,400 MW, which greatly exceeded its original target of 4,000 MW.

The achievement greatly exceeded the previous year's achievement of 3,423MW brought online in 2015-16. Over half of the country's renewable power is now delivered via wind energy - 55pc of the total of 50,018MW of installed green energy.

India is the still highest emitter of dangerous greenhouse gases after China and USA, but it is working hard to change the balance. Already renewable power sources are providing 16pc of its total energy production, which stands at 315,426MW of online capacity.

At December's Paris Climate Summit, the Indian government committed to delivering 175GW of total green energy capacity in the next five years. This would mean installing 60GW of wind energy, 100GW from solar PV, 10GW from biomass projects and an additional 5GW which will come from micro hydro installations.

India has also committed to delivering 40pc of its electricity generation from alternative energy sources by 2030, increasingly switching away from its former reliance on fossil fuels.

In the past few years, the country has witnessed record lows on its solar power and wind tariffs. In February, tariffs for solar energy dropped to a new low of Rs2.9 per Kwh.

Though wind is the leading renewable energy in India, it still has vast potential for growth. The government has estimated that onshore power could be produce 302GW of capacity in the country.

Current issues with developments include delays with payments and in signing PPAs. Distribution firms have also been slow to sign up to procured energy schemes from wind power schemes. The government has begun to meet with individual states to find solutions to the issues.