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Australia Now Generates Enough Clean Energy to Power 70pc of Homes

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 7 years ago

The clean energy industry in Australia has developed so far that it produces sufficient electricity to power 70pc of homes in the country, according to the latest figures from Green Energy Markets, who produce the new Australian Renewable Energy Index.

Even more impressively, the growth in renewable energy generation shows that Australia will be able to produce enough clean energy to power 9 out of 10 homes, once solar and wind projects planned for the last tax year are completed.

The new renewables index was funded by private supporter donations. It exists to showcase Australia's progress in the renewables field, despite its national electricity markets still focusing on gas-fired and coal-fired generation at a policy making level.

Just ten years ago, the country only generated 7pc of its national electricity needs using renewables. At the last count, this had rocketed to 18.8pc. The carbon emission saving is akin to removing over 50pc of the country's cars off the road.

Hydro-electricity was the primary source of clean power generation at 40pc, followed by wind power at 31pc and solar at 18pc. Under 2pc was generated by large-scale solar developments, suggesting that there is plenty of room for development and expansion in this field.

A spokesperson from Green Energy Markets explained that Australia's renewable energy industry had recovered strongly under the new prime minister, after almost entirely drying-up when Tony Abbott was in power.

The 20pc by 2020 target is now set to be achieved more than 12 months early, by the end of next year. Large-scale renewable energy projects are now employing nearly 10,000 peole in Australia, primarily via wind farms in NSW and solar farms in Queensland. A further 3,769 jobs are being supported in rooftop solar.