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Nuclear power is now more expensive than wind power

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago

Until the last decade nuclear power was one of the cheapest forms of power, but in recent years more environmentally friendly options have become much cheaper and more accessible - and now nuclear power is more expensive than wind power.

Dong Energy

This is partially due to a company called Dong Energy, an energy supplier that is based in Copenhagen. 'Dong' is short for 'Danish Oil And Natural Gas, and in the past they were investing in fossil fuel production, but the company has undergone a total overhaul over the last decade. Now the company specialises in green power options, and they now focus 85% percent of their efforts on running an offshore wind company. They divide the rest of their time between coal, oil and gas interests, but by 2023 they plan to be close to zero carbon. This is huge news, and it is impressive how quickly the company managed to turn around.

A greener future with sustainable energy

Dong Energy may just be one company, but their changes reflect the attitudes of hundreds of companies across the world. Most people and businesses are making an effort to be greener, and the UK government has pledged to be greener than ever. Due to all of these changes, the price of wind energy has dropped by around half in less than 24 months, and experts predict that by 2020 wind power will be as cheap as any other type of power.

This is great news for the sustainable energy industry as it shows that people care more about the environment now than ever before. The desire to live a green life isn't fading away and disappearing; in fact, more people than ever are committing to the cause.