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Facts About Renewable Energy That Kids Will Enjoy

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

Part of the work involved in switching away from fossil fuels to renewable energy lies in educating the next generation in the value of clean energy. And it's usually an easy task, as this generation is the first to be living with the results of earlier usage of damaging fossil fuels.

So as the world's governments and businesses strive to make meaningful change, alongside grassroots and community initiatives that seek to invest in green energy at a micro-level, what facts could help to stimulate a conversation about good energy choices with your own children? Here are some of our favourites.

Employment - green energy has been shown to create three times as many jobs as fossil fuels can, demonstrating the shift in priorities and investment.

Subsidies - fossil fuels are still receiving 400pc of the subsidies that renewable energies do - something that citizens can and should lobby governments about to change.

Generation - clean energy is expected to produce a quarter of the world's gross power generation this year, which compares to 20pc just seven years ago. A large part of that is due to growing efficiencies, with just one wind turbine now able to produce the power needed for 1,400 homes.

Investment - different countries are moving ahead at different paces. For example, in Portugal electrical generation from clean energy jumped to 45pc of the total from just 15pc five years earlier.

Technologies - the scope of renewable energies is truly mesmerising, especially as technologies evolve. For example, if it were possible to capture the full energy potential of one hour of sunshine, the world's total energy demands for a whole year could be met. And current estimates suggest that North Africa and Europe could actually be running on 100pc renewables by 2050.