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Over 100 Global Cities Now Powered by Green Energy

  • Publish Date: Posted over 6 years ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

More than 100 cities across the world are now being mostly powered by clean renewable energy sources, according to new data. These cities are now obtaining 70pc or more of their entire electricity supply from renewable sources and switching away from damaging greenhouse gases.

The news comes as the drive to move away from fossil fuels gains momentum across the world. CPD, the non-profit researcher into environmental impact, has discovered that 101 of over 570 listed cities achieved the 70% or more renewable generation last year, compared to only 42 just two years previously.

CPD spokeswoman Nicolette Bartlett said that the figures had arisen because the CDP was collecting city-wide data as part of its reporting and because the shift to renewables was gathering pace. Some of the cities that made the switch included Oslo, Brasilia, Nairobi and Auckland. The CPD said that the data it was gathering showed that cities had both ambition and commitment when it came to making the renewables switch - combined with the ability to do so.

At city level, much of the drive for action against climate change has been driven forward by a global agreement among over 7,400 mayors to coordinate their efforts after Donald Trump removed the USA from the Paris climate change contract.

Burlington in Vermont has gone one step further and is now sourcing 100pc of its power needs from clean sources. It is now looking at how it can operate on an entirely carbon-zero basis. In the UK, 14 towns and cities have also committed to achieving the UK100 government target of 100pc renewables by 2050. These include the Liverpool City Region, Bury, Bristol, Cleveland, Redcar, Peterborough and Barking, and more are expected to sign up in due course.