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The top renewable energy trends to expect in 2019

  • Publish Date: Posted over 5 years ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

With 2019 about to start, it's the perfect time to anticipate some of the main trends that are likely to occur in the clean energy field during 2019. 

1. Battery storage will grow

The battery storage market will continue to become more important as a means of truly facilitating the generation of clean energy. The value of batteries lies in being able to offer people the chance to use clean energy when wind turbines aren't spinning and solar panels are unable to capture the sun's energy. The cost of these batteries is dropping and that is now being passed on to customers, and new projects are coming online which combine and harness the power of renewable energy generation with battery storage for a double win.

2. Growth will no longer mean new energy demand

The wealthiest economies across the world will demonstrate that they can grow in value without increasing their demand for electricity - or even energy as a whole, thanks to better efficiencies. This means that carbon emissions can be kept under control and that new models of economic growth will demonstrate that fossil fuels are increasingly ready to be phased out.

3. Existing technology will meet basic needs

Across the world, there are still nearly 1.5 billion people without regular or meaningful energy access. However, existing renewable technologies can now meet these needs, which means that the focus now moves away from the cost argument to the logistics of doing this. Hub and spoke models mean that there will now be a chance for global energy needs to be met at community levels, without increasing carbon emissions.

It certainly looks as though it will be an interesting year ahead for renewable energy and the world's progression to a low carbon economy.