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UK Hits New Renewables Milestone

  • Publish Date: Posted over 4 years ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

For the first time on record, Britain produced more energy from clean energy sources than it did from polluting fossil fuels for an entire 12-month period. 

The milestone was achieved last year after National Grid produced its official assessment figures. The clean energy was produced from a mix of technologies that included wind farms, solar, nuclear and hydro. Additionally, clean energy was imported via a network of subsea cables. The low-carbon energy mix was able to provide a whopping 48% of the country's total electricity during 2019. This compares to the 43% that fossil fuels generated. A further 8% was produced by biomass. This is considered to be a bridging energy technology on the low-carbon front, as the incineration of plant matter which once absorbed Co2 then releases the same amount of gas back into the atmosphere.

The CEO of National Grid, John Pettigrew, told Sky News that 2019 had been a huge milestone for the country's clean energy mix and that it heralded a real step change for the UK's ambitions to become a low-carbon economy. He explained that, in 2009, around a third of the country's electricity was generated from coal. 

Clean Energy Imports 
As well as producing its own green energy sources, the UK imports additional low-carbon energy from Europe. Further projects are in the pipeline to support this ability to import clean power. For example, a new cable is being developed to go under the North Sea to connect Norway and the UK. This will allow hydroelectricity to be shared and sold between the nations. This is one of six interconnector cables that will exist between Britain and European countries - some of which are already in use and others which are in the process of being constructed.