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Gaming Programmes Teach Renewables to Locked-down Students

  • Publish Date: Posted about 4 years ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

As the world continues to get to grips with the social restrictions enforced to tackle the coronavirus, businesses and social enterprises are looking at ways to bring positivity to a difficult situation. Minecraft is one such brand getting in on the action, and it has joined forces with EIT InnEnergy and Blockworks to mark the 50th Earth Day. Working in collaboration, the partners have launched two new gaming programs with an educational slant about renewable energy, designed for students to play as they are locked down for the foreseeable future.

Educational Games for Minecraft Fans

The two games, called the Lumen Power Challenge and the Lumen City Challenge, present two highly immersive imaginary worlds that encourage students to explore the worlds of alternative and clean energy sources. In the games, the player will solve the problems of an energy-hungry town and seek to sustainably manage the energy demands of a city, all within the familiar environment of Minecraft.

Players will get to grips with important energy topics, such as electricity origins and production sources, energy transitions, community roles within the energy mix and the challenges presented by the various energy sources on offer.

Even better, the games are free and students can access them directly within Minecraft's Education Edition. The timing couldn't be better as people wake up to the fact that the world will need to change in myriad ways after the Covid-19 lockdown. Education will surely lie at the heart of the new world, with the younger generation playing a vital role in demanding positive changes for their futures. Already, there are signs that the prolonged period of economic inactivity is helping the environment and encouraging it to repair, signalling that positive outcomes could eventually arise from the current pandemic.