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Over Half of Consumers Would Install Renewables

  • Publish Date: Posted about 3 years ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

A new study has shown that over 50% of British consumers would be keen to adopt clean energy at home and would install their own micro renewable energy technologies to reduce their carbon footprints.


Customers Are Keen on Renewables


The research was carried out by GHD, the professional services company. GHD also found that of those consumers who were keen to adopt greener methods at home, most would be interested in installing solar panels as the primary technology.


Over half would be keen to prioritise investment in hydrogen boilers, ground source heat pumps and hydrogen batteries.


Additionally, over 75% of those surveyed agreed that all Brits have a vital role in creating a more sustainable world.


The Fear of Rising Costs


GHD surveyed over 1,000 consumers in a bid to find out more about attitudes towards clean energy. Many said that they also found energy costs overall a topic of concern, with just over half (55%) saying that they were struggling to meet the cost of their monthly energy bills on an occasional basis or more often.


For 12% of survey respondents, the inability to meet the cost of their energy bills was a constant or frequent challenge.


A GHD spokesperson, Dr David Maunder, said that UK homes were using more energy than ever before because of the number of people using electrical gadgets at home. This, he explained, was forcing the industry to look again at how grids were set up to operate and how baseline stability was maintained.


He added that these issues were not only related to renewable energy, saying that it was essential to decarbonise the energy system as a whole, particularly within the gas network, as well as use decarbonised electricity more widely in applications that included electric cars.