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Kier Starmer promotes clean energy

  • Publish Date: Posted almost 2 years ago
  • Author: Steve Walia

​Labour party leader, Sir Kier Starmer has talked at this year's annual conference in Liverpool about the party's intention to promote green energy as a means of boosting economic growth. His comments came in a direct contrast to the Tory party's approach to slashing taxes as a means of stimulating economic recovery. The Labour party wants to see the UK finally end its fossil fuel dependence and show clear strides toward achieving a zero-carbon energy goal by 2030.


By the end of the decade, Sir Kier explained, the Labour party would ensure that all British electricity would be generated by nuclear and renewable energy sources, with fossil fuels being phased out entirely.


Labour has said that this transition would not just slash carbon emissions but also save British households over £90 billion in costs over the rest of this decade.


Starmer is planning to release his detailed plans on green energy investment in the coming days of the conference, as he talks further about the benefits offered by developing green energy as part of the UK industry, creating new skilled jobs, private investment, environmental benefits and lower energy costs, together with better energy security of supply without reliance on overseas gas.


He has also pledged to increase the amount of onshore wind by 100%, boost solar by 300% and grow offshore wind by 400% in the same timescale. If the country could create a self-sufficient, net-zero electricity network, British citizens would enjoy permanently reduced energy bills, a cleaner environment, a high-growth green energy sector and independent energy production without any reliance on gas-producing nations such as Russia. The industry would also create half a million new and skilled jobs, and also make Britain the first country in the world to have a power system with zero emissions.